Our blood orange is a variety of orange (Citrus × sinensis) with crimson, almost blood-colored flesh.
The distinctive dark flesh color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of antioxidant pigments common to many flowers and fruit, but uncommon in citrus fruits.
The blood orange is a natural mutation of the orange, which is itself a hybrid, probably between the pomelo and the tangerine,
Within Europe, the arancia rossa di Sicilia (red orange of Sicily) has Protected Geographical Status

The Tarocco Gallo

The Tarocco Gallo is a variety of blood oranges, with a moderately pigmentation, which depends a lot on the degree of ripeness of the citrus fruit.   Very important are the thermical excursions; the "tarocco" get the color between the end of November and the second half of December.

The  organoleptic characteristics are unique! Its fragrant aroma, its low acidity, its preservation over time make it one of the  best appreciated varieties of Sicilian red pulp oranges in Italy and abroad.

This orange has a medium thin and smooth skin with few seeds; it ripens between December and January and can even be sell until April/May


Sicilian oranges as freshly picked
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